Love Turban Creator in History: Veronique Salagean

Turban: a unique high making item, made of foundation, material, sewing and holds mystery.

Created in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt by Veroniqué Salagean ‘s soul. Its inception was to make a person feel unique and special,

also to enhance a personal look. It is the descendent of the Crown.

Veronique Salagean

Origin – History

In 21st Century from past life regression, a soul like no other, returned to its life purpose. A suffocating love and dedication from veins. Elements coming together into vision of turbans. Moreover, a mastermind behind Turban meaning. Veroniqué Salagean ‘s soul in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt created the Turban for the first time in history. Made of foundation, material, sewing, a drop of Aura and heart’s attributes that hold mystery. The turban essence has traveled for centuries without a reference.

‘ The Turban lives inside me, I live and breathe it. After envisioning obsessively for two days, I design and then I make the turban. Each one has a drop of my Aura, and where carpets lay down, doors get opened and rooms turn silence. The draping brings a uniqueness from one to another. Every style defines a different story from the Turban World found at the core of my soul.

World’s First Turban Creator

After a turbulent childhood in Northern Transylvania, Veroniqué Salagean made a remarkable journey to finally arrive in England. She found her love of turban-making and her desire to create her own exclusive range of turbans. Then, it followed a year of dedication and effort. Before her ambition could be realised, in 2015, the VS Turban was born. In summary, Veroniqué defines her work as a ‘Journey to Grace’.

‘ I was inspired by memories from my past, keeping them alive, without knowing my way. In 2014, after endless searching, I found my passion and vocation. VS People feel the turban essence and its magic by wearing my turban, the original turban. Moreover, I introduce an exquisite creation in Style Statement: the VS Turban.


Expertly handmade of fine fabrics in London for a long lifetime. Created for male and female around the world, a turban adored and treasured by many. VS Turbans is laying down carpets, opening doors and turning rooms silent. Furthermore, it is Specially made for You. It enhances your look and make you feel Unique, Special and Regal. Imagine the feeling of regality by wearing VS Turban. Additionally, you may like a simple turban or an extravagant turban, daytime or evening wear. 

VS Turban is made of an incredible magnitude. After all, it boosts confidence and leads the way. Purchase your unique turban from anywhere in the world and delivered to your doorstep.

With Admiration,
Veroniqué Salagean