Turban vs Hat vs Crown vs Headdress vs Headwrap

A Turban is a high making item, made of foundation, material and sewing. It takes minimum 480 minutes to make a turban.

A Hat is a high making item, haute mode made by Milliners. It takes up to three hours to make a hat.

A Crown is a craftsmanship that uses hard metals and sometimes stones or engraving for the making of the item. It takes many hours to make a crown.

A Headdress is a piece of material that is sewn with a basic technique. It takes around 60 minutes (with lining) or less to make a headdress.

A Headwrap is a piece of fabric encircled around the head and pinned in some parts for keeping the folds in place. It takes under 20 minutes to make a headwrap.

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