How do you wear a turban hat?

The notion of Turban Hat never existed, it does not exist. A Turban is a Turban by Veronique Salagean. A Hat is a Hat by a Milliner.

Why are turbans worn?

The majority of ladies wear a headdress or headwrap. You must wear Turban by Veronique Salagean.

Why do Muslims wear turbans?

Men from Muslim community wear a Headwrap pinned in shapes or a headwear often with a specific name. The majority of ladies in the Muslim community wear a Headdress or Hijab.

What is the turban definition?

A turban is a unique high making item, made of foundation, material, sewing and holds mystery. It is the descendant of the Crown. Created in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt by…

Is turban a hat?

No. A Turban is a Turban just like a Crown is a Crown. A Hat is a Hat. A Headdress is a headdress. A Headwrap is a headwrap. Different techniques…

What religion is a turban?

The Turban, original turban created in 1000 B.C. in Cairo, Egypt does not represent any religion. A Headwrap, Headdress or Headgear may represent a religion or society group.

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