My interview with the Turban Creator in History

Meet Veroniqué Salagean the Turban Creator in History who designed the first turban over 3,000 years ago in Cairo, Egypt using linen and a specially made foundation to create unique master pieces that people wore like a crown. Today as the world’s first turban designer she continues her craft by showcasing designs under her exclusive London based label, VS Turbans established since 2015.

Men refer to her as an eleven out of ten while women want to be her, the world’s most beautiful women who has never had to queue and receives unexpected gifts owes it all to her unique looks and wearing the iconic turban

1. As the inventor of the Turban from over 3,000 years – explain how you created the first turban and it’s legacy on who you are today?

Past life regression has helped me understand the strong connection with the turban that I couldn’t explain for years. I have seen myself being a Persian woman at that time, immigrant in Cairo and as looking at her I have a lot in common on this life. I saw making turbans, but draping fabrics in the market and trying to sell them. It appeared 1000 and something told me B.C. and I’ve seen on the background an Egyptian crown, immediately I knew I was part of that time.

Being in the market next to this woman, my actual soul and draping turbans, I saw woven fibers as fabric, a foundation and at least seven pins for holding the materials together. It was unique made and time investment on creating it. It was couture just like egyptian wigs and the crown.

I wanted to give people something unique that they can wear, something similar to crown, but special and sophisticated. The crown was heavy and worn by country leaders so my turban was for other leaders.

2. Why did you create the turban all those years ago?

At that time people were very creative and making items for supplying the living demand. I created the turban a symbol of uniqueness, style, sophistication and leadership for anyone to wear it.

3. How has history shaped the Turban since your invention – explain how the turban has changed/been misunderstood from its true origins

The religion invention has destroyed my beautiful masterpiece turning it into a wrapped cloth so-called turban. Its system was to gather the majority of a territory for its continuation and support. It was very essential for the leader to wear a distinction so a head cover. The conical shape was hold by military, so the religion leaders decided that a simple headwrap will make people follow the devotion. There was no one to make a turban as religious symbol, my masterpiece was not a majority symbol.

4. Tell me about any interesting situations your have encountered where people have stopped you in the street? How did it make you feel?

Recently I have been approached when walking down the Oxford Street by an Englishman saying that ‘I spotted you from far as you look different and wondered where you come from. A short chat as walking and the conversation ended saying that he only wanted to say Hello.’ 

One time I was on the escalators getting out of station in Oxford Circus and a young lady in front of me turned and look at me. At the top of the stairs she asked me from where I got the turban I wear. So I said, I designed it, she was shocked but the way she reacted I panicked thinking she will faint. That was an experience to remember.

This are just some of many situations. But last time when I was in Dubai at the Arabic camp, and I have never experienced so many people queuing to take pictures with me. I realised Indian people really adore me. Moreover, I have been stopped in the street many many many times right from the beginning when I start wearing my creation. People always express their admiration thoughts by saying that I look different and compliments. They genuinely want to have a quick chat out of curiosity and since my title release people stop me for a picture. I must admit it feels truly overwhelming at times and it’s really about them. I hope I gift them through my attention a drop of real happiness and make a difference in their lives.

5. You are referred by others as the most beautiful women in the world – your thoughts on this?

Well, it is an extreme headline compliment. But wherever I go, I am cherished and pleased by people, greetings, always receiving favors and unexpected compliments and gifts. Also realised people  care for my safety. Although, I do see my beauty from within my heart and my soul that shines value and wealth. This is similar to how I see the beauty in the world. However, I am very happy to have my parents both good looking. I was meant to be!

6. What makes you a style icon?

My entire appearance placed together. Very well thought looks where I envision the details which involve my uniqueness as the essence that shines out and meaningful wearable items including the turban.

7. How does wearing a Turban make you feel?

[smile] It is a very good question.  As the Turban Creator, wearing my essence translated into tangible is supreme and blessing. But it makes me feel special, distinct, really unique and valuable in public. It does very much grabs people’s attention.

Veroniqué Salagean with The Golden Snake
Veroniqué Salagean with The Golden Snake

8. Define what is style in your own words?

Style starts from an incredible thought that needs a lot of practice in the mirror and overlooking it obsessively. The definition of style is ‘wow’ and it has strong elements as colour, details, placements. 

Style is challenge. [smiling]

9. Your favourite Turban?

My greatest creation so far that I completely love is called The Turban Mother that I turned The VS Crown from 2015 into. I added a train of 2 meters long of 8 by 8 row necklaces on each side which calculated 6,000 mirror crystal beads. The turban’s weight is 4 kilograms. An absolute wonderful value with incredible time investment.

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