A moment with world’s first Turban Designer Veroniqué Salagean

Behind the doors of an exclusive atelier, lies an ethereal world of paramount luxury where dreams and creativity are fulfilled through drapes and diamonds to create the vogue timeless masterpiece known as the VS TURBAN. Meet the world’s first turban designer Veroniqué Salagean and founder of luxury headwear label VS TURBANS who has since 2015 showcased ornately and beautifully handcrafted turbans to fit men and women like a crown from across the globe.

Each VS Turban is designed and hand crafted incorporating a range of exquisite fabrics and colour schemes with luxurious detailing. All combining to create an exclusive and visually breath-taking fashion statement to treasure. With the collections including opulent materials such as duchesse satin, ornate silks, draped raffia and leather. Delicate ostrich feathers and fine cottons to produce an item of style and splendour to wear with pride and confidence. The VS Turban collection makes any wearer stand out in the crowd.

Veroniqué aims to dispel the controversy that surrounds turbans and the origins of turbans relate actually to royalty and not religion. The earliest evidence of a turban dates back to 1000 BC in Cairo, Egypt where it was worn to signify creativity, power and leadership.

Veroniqué Salagean shares her story and thoughts on VS Turbans.

1. What represents the VS Turban and what inspired you to start the brand?

VS Turban is the original turban created in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt having the inception of looking good, creativity and leadership. I am continuing its essence as fashion item representation, through many hours of work making it. The VS Turban is a masterpiece, an extravagant wearable beauty carrying a drop of my Aura, where carpets lay down, doors get opened and rooms turn silent. My inspiration behind the brand was to offer the world the original turban that comes from my uniqueness and style. I have an insanity for creating and giving people the state of feeling special and unique but stand out in the crowd.

2. How did the trend of turbans made its way to female fashion world?

There hasn’t been a trend yet but head wraps on catwalks and headdresses at the majority level. It’s transition as concept was made by the introduction of fabrics as soldiers worn the conical shape between 1st to 8th century in Persia and Modern Turkey.

3. What according to you makes turban still a thing in today’s high-heeled fashion world?

As for its own essence of creativity, power and leadership it is still greatly appreciated as high making/ couture item for its grandeur appearance but wealth exposure.

4. Modern turbans is a way to signal exotic glamour! What is your say on it?

As I already stated there are no turbans in the world but headwraps that someone referred as exotic glamour and headdresses based on dress sewing (basic) techniques that look modern turbans made of polyester fabric. One addresses my turbans an unparalleled innovative magnetism.

5. Turbans are a very crucial part of the Indian Sikh and Rajasthani culture. Is there some inspiration drawn out from there?

I stand up for the original turban and its looking good inception and not cultural issues formed during the decades. As well the Sikh head wrap you refer as Dastaar and the instant headdress from Rajasthani named Pagri or Pagadi. Would very much like to keep these terms as they are and not mentioning the turban.

It is true that my turban tutor has had an old fashion style instruction, so at first I tend to keep the circular cone shape. However, my work at the moment looks totally different from 2014. Moreover, I have no connection or ever had an Indian inspiration or aspiration.

6. What are some elements that a lady needs to keep in mind while wearing a turban?

When you wear the turban, original turban, my turban, VS Turban you have a feeling from it and will compliment you. But do keep in mind that with a negative self-image it won’t make miracles but will make good changes over the time on your self-perception.

7. I am sure just like any other accessory, turbans have a vast variety in itself. What are some things (style, colour combination etc.) that a female needs to keep in mind while making turbans a part of her styling.

I had always advised: Just wear it! and see what brings to you and do enjoy wearing it! I personally haven’t created rules or culture around the turban and I ask anyone not to as don’t want to hear it. But one important style look I realised and totally recommend is that a petite lady with a plus size clothing who wishes a tall turban, will only suit with high heels. And of course, attending a wedding should one wear an elegant turban but not above the bride’s look as being lush or extravagant.

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