by Veroniqué Salagean


Expertly handmade in London of fine fabrics for a long lifetime to make You feel Unique and Special.

“My experience with VS Turban was incredible.”
It was a really incredible experience for me to enter into a room and for it to turn silent. The quality of the turban was beyond I expected, also the packaging very secure and fast delivery. Now, I wish to keep feeling that way every single day. Thanks for the magnificent turban!
Mona A.
I bought my turban now twice from Veronique and each time has arrived beautifully made and perfect fit to my head size. No other place that sells the original turban. Love my VS Turbans! Thank you!
WIN a Luxury Turban

I love my Turban, but What is a Turban?

Turban:a unique high making item, made of foundation, material, sewing and holds mystery. Created in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt by Veroniqué Salagean‘s soul, its inception was to make a person feel unique and special also to enhance a personal look. It is the descendant of the Crown. London, United Kingdom Aug 17, 2021 – Talking about what is a turban with turban

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Find My 8 Questions with Veronique Salagean

Meet Veronique Salagean who designed the first turban in history over 3,000 years ago in Cairo, Egypt Behind an exclusive atelier of designer turbans for women and designer turbans for men, attention to detail, infinite love and care dedicated to each masterpiece luxury turban VS Turban, meet the World’s First Turban Designer. Showcasing unique turbans of grandeur for male and female around

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My Turban, 3 Best Ways to Wear

Wearing my Turban in 3 best ways everywhere I go. A stylish turban to wear it with my best outfits. ‘Turban – Wear it Like a Crown’ ‘One of the reasons why I love my work of unique special turbans is because I make them to be worn like a Crown. At VS Turbans I make sure that each magnificent masterpiece is

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Shall we meet world’s first Turban Designer and know the answers behind the infinite love for The TURBAN?

A moment with world’s first Turban Designer Veroniqué Salagean Behind the doors of an exclusive atelier, lies an ethereal world of paramount luxury where dreams and creativity are fulfilled through drapes and diamonds to create the vogue timeless masterpiece known as the VS TURBAN. Meet the world’s first turban designer Veroniqué Salagean and founder of luxury headwear label VS TURBANS who has since

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