Find My 8 Questions with Veronique Salagean

Meet Veronique Salagean who designed the first turban in history over 3,000 years ago in Cairo, Egypt

Behind an exclusive atelier of designer turbans for women and designer turbans for men, attention to detail, infinite love and care dedicated to each masterpiece luxury turban VS Turban, meet the World’s First Turban Designer. Showcasing unique turbans of grandeur for male and female around the world, Veroniqué Salagean makes anyone feel regal, exclusive, confident and stand out in the crowd by wearing her special turbans. Moreover, wearing the prestigious turban, a feeling of wealth, creativity, power and leadership will surround you. Each turban is expertly handmade in London of fine fabrics for a long lifetime. And with a story in its design from the Turban World found at the core of globally renowned designer Veroniqué Salagean.

Let us allow Veroniqué Salagean to introduce herself before asking our curiosities:

I am Veroniqué Salagean world’s first Turban Designer founder and owner of VS Turbans that specialises in Bespoke Luxury Turbans of fine fabrics for a long lifetime for male and female around the world that makes You feel Unique and Special.

Veroniqué here is our first question:

1. Why are you the World’s First Turban Designer?

[smile] When I started the business, first thing I invented the Turban Draw / Design. Nobody taught me how to draw them, but I designed (hand draw) the very first ever turban collection in history. And I even searched but found not even one turban drawing from a fashion designer or ‘turban’ headdress maker or prints in books, museums or exhibitions. Moreover, my turban past life regression says it all.

2. According to you, why people sell headdress or headwrap and call it turban?

To be honest, people are using the ‘Turban’ name from lack of knowledge and because they trying to find their own way in life and profession by giving birth to some fabric creations. I know that no one has been born for it or meant to be for the Turban since it leaves inside me. Also, it is not an accident that it has got no designer name reference in history.

3. Therefore, did you study fashion, art or turbans?

Yes I did. First of all, I was born with the creativity and craftsmanship skill so I have been accepted at Central Saint Martins for my Art and Fashion studies foundation. Previously, I gave up the university in management. To sum up, I’ve already had set up my Turban Studio when being a student at Central Saint Martins. Greatly, my turbans took over and I had to leave the university program.

4. How old are you?

[smillleee] I am in my 20s, 20, Ageless. Seriously, I am Ageless! [smile]

5. How do you know about being the Turban Creator in History?

Few years after I started and already had my personal turban collection, turban interviews and the business, one day it came into my mind: why am I so connected to it / them but protect and fight for them to death as if it is my baby? So, already knowing Nicolas Aujula after few past life regression sessions and returning from the Sky News Arabia interview, I told him that I want to answer these questions. …And I was not shocked at all, because I kind of knew it and even said it in that interview.

6. Moreover, what is your vision for your next life? How do you want it to be?

[thinking] good and challenging question… look, I will have a really good, easy and wealthy life, at least a good start and luxurious. I do see myself embarking into finding the VS Turbans and being in the organisational board. Surely, I will have at least one past life regression session to prove that I am the actual World’s First Turban Designer from my previous life. And, for some reason I feel to start a dynasty, having the same DNA as in this lifetime. ….It’s crazy, but this is my vision. I mean, what I won’t do but want in this lifetime, I want to do in the next one. [wink]

7. About Turban, how did you discover the turban?

I discover it by searching for it. It took me so many years. The day when my tutor presented it to me, I said: I will be making this until last day of breath. (Fact!)

8. In conclusion, how many times have you attended competitions and appeared on television?

During my entire childhood and college, I participated year after year in as many project presentations and competitions as I could dedicate to. In college, I represented my county to national and regional competitions four times. I have diplomas and awards archived. In television, I appeared three times in Northern Transylvania.

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